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Box Extensions

The box extension on this narrow lot prefab cape cod offers a charming area for the porch to be tucked into the home. A box Extension is when of the modules extend beyond the other box. This allows the roof line to change.


Modular Home Porches


Porches give a home an appearance of being finished. Above is a standard modular Cape Cod built by Classic Homes by Haven. The addition of porches and balconies give a prefab home a sophisticated look. The porches also add to out door living. Both the top side of the decks and porches provide usable outdoor space.

Flat Roofs for Prefab Homes


Modular homes can be designed with "flat" roofs covered with rubber roof. In addition to a flat roof lots of glass can be added for the ultimate modern prefab home.

Modular Home Garages


The American dreams for a two car garage at minimum, If I had my way I would have a three car garage. Modular homes can accomodate tuck under garages as the one shown above or as integrated garages as the one shown below.


Modular Design and Planning

When modular homes were introduced to the housing market, most of the homes were constructed as affordable ranch homes. Today, modular homes come in every shape and size. Custom design is the norm in the modular construction business.

Modular Home Bump Outs

Bump outs add dimension to any home. A bum pout is usually shipped as a separate box with a roof tie with a gable roof. The house to the right has a front bump out with a shed roof. In addition to the bump out this home has transoms above the windows on the bum pout.

This two story has a bum pout on the second floor with a typical reverse gable and roof tie in. The bump in the front of the home gives dimension to the home. Bump outs add to the cost of modular homes due to additional crane picks and foundation corners.

Modular Home Roofs

Modular Home Reverse Gables

Reverse gables are very popular for modular homes. On ranch homes, the reverse gable ties into a porch roof giving the home a welcoming feel. Reverse gables on two story prefab homes break up the front of the home and give the home dimension.

Modular Home Dormers

Dormers add more than light to attic spaces in a home, they also add curb appeal and charm to prefab home designs. There are two types of dormers you can choose for your modula home>

"A" Dormers - These dormers have a reverse gable roof. They come in a variety of sizes from three feet to fourteen feet wide. Often large "A" dormers are installed on the rear side of a prefab cape cod to add to space for a bathroom. Wider "A" dormers can be installed to add ceiling height to a foyer as well.

Modular homes dormers can be delivered as panels, completed put in place dormers or as part of the module installed in a wedge box.

Shed Dormers - are often added to the rear side of modular Cape Cods homes. Shed dormers can be as wide or narrow as you like. Often shed dormers arrive on site as a panelized kit or as a completely finished module. In the picture to the right the ranch home has shed dormer installed for additional light.

Modular Home Roof Pitches

Increasing the roof pitch on a modular home will enhances the curb appeal of house. Modular homes have roof pitch slopes between a 5/12 and 12/12. Prefab homes with steep roof pitches of 9/12 or 12/12 have storage areas or finished space in the attic.

The ranch house to the right has a 7/12 roof pitch with a bum pout with dual reverse gables.

Two Story Modular Home - 12/12 Roof

The house to the right has an interesting roof line with a turret, reverse gables, and an "A" dormer. The steep pitch give this home a tall look with usable space in the attic. This particular model is a standard Avis America floor plan: the Victoria. I delivered one of these homes to Greenwich, CT.

Cape Cod - Standard 12/12 Roof Pitch

The standard roof pitch on modular Cape Cods are a 12/12 roof pitch. The house on the right has two 3'"A" dormers and a centered 6' "A" Dormer. The front porch has an attached shed dormer.

Modular Home Clear Spans

Once upon a time many modular homes could not offer wide open spaces. At best in days of past prefab homes had a dropped header to support the roof loan on the marriage wall. With the advent of micro laminated beams, modular homes can have large wide open clear-spans.

Modular Home Roof Styles

Gable roofs are standard on modular homes. Gable roofs are the least expensive roof on a modular home. To improve the appearance of a modular home, many people add reverse gables and dormers to their roof to improve and dimension to their modular home's roof. Increasing the roof pitch can dramatically change the exterior appearance of a modular home.

Note: Any home with a complex roof line will cost more than a simple low pitch gable roof. The more complex the roof line, the higher the price for the modular home.

Modular Home Mansard Roofs

Although not very popular today, modular homes can be delivered with a mansard roof. Often mansard roofs will need to be built on site. Most manufacture's do not want to build these roofs. Mansard roofs have a tendency to leak with the flat roof area.

Modular Home Hip Roofs

Hip roofs give a home a regal appearance. The functional purpose of a hip roof is to equalize wind pressure during high wind storms. The hip roof will deflect wind more evenly than a gable wall with an exposed flat wall to catch wind. In addition to having a function, hip roofs on modular homes add a regal curb appeal to most homes.

Modular Home Gambrel Roof

The mansion to the right designed by Douglas Cutler has a factory built gambrel roof. The roof has four sloped sections with mini shed dormers on the front of the home. A truly classic design. Gambrel roofs can also be designed into more modest modular home floor plans.

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