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NJ Modular Homes (NJ)

Modular homes in New Jersey have become extremely popular at the jersey shore, northern jersey and southern jersey. Home builders in Elizabeth, Edison, Paterson, Jersey City, and Newark, Atlantic City, Vineland, Cape May, Franklin Lakes, NJ can build any architectural style in New Jersey. If your looking to build a ranch, two story, or Cape Cod floor plan, New Jersey builders can construct the home of your dreams. Modular homes range in size from less than thousand square feet to over ten thousand square feet of living space. No matter the size or style of home, modular homes make sense in New Jersey.

Pricing and Costs

Naturally, one of the biggest questions most people in New Jersey as home builders is all about the price and cost of building a modular home. The financial cost to build in New Jersey is heavily influenced by building lot costs. Often the cost to build a modular home in Bergen county and the jersey coast, the cost are driven up if there is an existing home requiring tearing down. In southern New Jersey the cost of building is often much less due to land costing less.

Modular homes in New Jersey provide huge savings due to the high cost of labor in the state that houses New York City. Factory built houses save builders thousands of dollars on expensive carpenters and sub contractors. The price to buy a new modular home can be as little as fifty five dollars a square foot for a large two story home or as much as two hundred dollars a square foot for a high modernist home designed and finished by the Res4 architectural firm located in Manhattan. The cost of building modular homes is influenced by the style, finishes and the size of the house.

Finding a New Jersey Builder

Finding a modular home builder is one of the toughest tasks when building a prefab house in New Jersey. There are many handy men in NJ hoping to become a successful modular home builder. Not to discount the integrity of a new modular home builders, but stay away from anyone who has not been selling and building modular homes for less than five years in Jersey. Experienced builders will save you money and much heartache due to inexperience of building in New Jersey. Modular Home Place has a network of veteran NJ modular home builders with established relationships with a number of manufactures.

Finding a New Jersey Dealer

If you are considering being your own general contractor and building a modular home in New Jersey, you will need to work with a reputable modular home dealer. Most modular home builders will be happy to sell you only the home and allow you to act as your own general contractor. Again, working with an experienced modular home builder and dealer in New Jersey can save you thousands of dollars and much heartache and pain. MHP’s list of dealers and builders can help you select many modular home floor plans to fit your housing needs.

Energy Efficiency

Building a new modular home in New Jersey has both tax advantages and credits from the electric companies. Modular construction provides extremely energy efficient houses. Ask your builder about the tax credits and cash rebates available when you build an ENERGY STAR home in New Jersey. Not only will your home cost less to heat and cool you will have the assurance of the ENERGY STAR blue label attached to your modular home - quality construction, comfort, superior durability and a higher resale value.

New Jersey is the land of McMansions and large modular homes. The largest house I sold was 8600 square feet delivered to Manalapan, NJ. This New Jersey McMansion was a modified standard prefab home floor plan. The great room was cavernous with a twenty foot tall cathedral ceiling. The master suite was larger than the home I grew up in - the master suite was over 1,200 square feet. The master suite of this modular home included sleeping area, sitting room, two bathrooms, three walk in closets.

Jersey Shore Modular Beach Homes

Popular as ever is the Jersey shore modular beach house. Prefab homes can be built on pilings for a family cottage or as an investment property. Most prefab beach homes are custom designed to fit the narrow lots. The Jersey beach home is an annual summer tradition for many families. Beach homes can be small cottages to large multifamily units.

Southern New Jersey Ranch Homes

Ranch homes are very popular in southern New Jersey where land is often more available and affordable compared to northern New Jersey. Vineland, New Jersey is a gateway to Atlantic City and many people enjoy the quiet life of this community. In addition to modular ranch homes, affordable two story prefab houses are popular in southern New Jersey. Modular homes are an affordable alternative building system that saves New Jersey home builders ten to thirty percent on the purchase of a new house..

Multi Family and Duplex Modular Homes

Multi-Family modular homes are popular investment properties in New Jersey. Prefab multifamily structures include: duplexes; townhouses and university dormitories. The speed modular structures can be completed execrates occupancy of investment properties.

Northern New Jersey

Northern New Jersey includes all types of modular homes: ranch homes, two stories, McMansions, Cape Cods, cottages and cabins. Home World Inc is one of the leading retail dealers located in Flanders, NJ who offer affordable housing to over the top victorian homes.

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Home World Inc. (Modular Homes)

Flanders, New Jersey


Traditional two story colonial modular home built by Home World inc. of Flanders, NJ.

Home World Inc. from Flanders, NJ has joined MHP and services Northern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Home World has been building modular homes for over thirty years. Lance and Charlie Stillwagon offer years of experience in designing, building and supplying modular homes.

Acorn Modular Homes

Monmouth County, New Jersey


Acorn Modular constructed this three story beach home home on the Jersey Shore. The home had views for each floor for summer time guests. Acorn Modular Homes services Monmouth and surrounding counties in New Jersey. Mark has been building modular homes for over five years in New Jersey. Acorn Modular Homes provides turnkey custom modular homes.


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