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Modular homes offer builders every conceivable bathroom from a simple powder room to a luxurious glamour bath with steam showers, soaker spas, makeup tables, bidets and urinals. Most modular homes have a master suite which includes more the thirty six inch shower, sink and toilet. One home I sold to New Jersey had two master suites - one for him and one for her. The bathing area in this home was bigger than three bedrooms a hall way and two baths of the home I grew up in and live in presently.

Modular Home Bathroom Finishes and Options


Modular Home Toilets - There's two primary designs of toilets installed in modular homes. One has an elongated bowl and the other a round bowl. Most modular home factories offer the choices of ivory or biege, gray and white. Some people prefer to have a red or purple toilet, you can with a custom upgrade for your modular home. Most modular home companies offer custom upgrades. All you have to do is find the manufacturer and model number.


Modular Home Bathtubs - Most modular homes come standard with a fiberglass bathtub shower combo unit. if you are installing ceramic tile on the walls of your modular home, you might consider ordering a Kohler Mendota cast iron porcelain bathtub for your bathroom. I would recommend ordering a six foot bath tub fin place of the standard five foot bathtubs


Modular Home Bath and Shower Combo

The standard modular home bathtub is a bathtub and shower combo unit. These bathtubs are molded fiberglass with an integrated tub surround. This type of bath tub is common in most new construction as a standard. The integrated surrounds keeps the price low compared to a ceramic tub surround. These tubs are also easy to clean and maintain. Some manufactures use the same bathtub shower units and others use other brands like Kohler.


Soaker Tubs, Spas & Modular Homes

At one time the only homes that had luxury baths were in mansions and mobile homes. The glamour bath of the mobile home industry has crossed into main stream construction. The glamour bath has a whirlpool, soaker or spa with a separate shower. Think twice before ordering a home a spa. The idea of having a spa in your modular home sounds good, however most people never use them due the rocket like noise. In place of buying a five foot soaker, consider buying a six foot bath tub.


Vanities for Modular Homes - Most modular homes offer a standar bath vanity with a cultured marble top with an integrated sink. If you prefer to have a custom vanity, all you have to do is pay for it. If your modular home supplier does not or will not supply your chosen vanity, just omit the sink and vanity on your order and install it on site. You can alway omit items from your modular home order. Bathroom vanities today come in many shapes and styles with sink bowls and funky faucets. If your choice is a custom vanity, you can have it with a modular home. The advantage of a sink is additional storage in your bathroom.


Bathroom Counter Tops in Modular Homes - Cultured marble counter tops are available between thirty inches to 72 inches. One and two sink options are available. The cultured marble tops are available in tacky swirls, clean solids and granite like finishes.


Bathroom Sinks in Modular Homes - Many people prefer pedestal sinks or wall sinks in powder rooms in place of a vanity. The open space under the sink give the illusion of more space in the room. Modular home factories offer a beautiful line of Kohler products including sinks.


Bathroom Mirrors in Modular Homes -The standard option in modular home bathrooms include mirrors and or a medicine cabinets. Some manufacturers offer a full mirror and a medicine cabinet on the side wall in the bathroom. The mirror and medicine cabinet is the best choice. Most mirrors in modular homes are illuminated by a light bar. The days of the brass light bar with big bulbs is gone - today most lighting fixtures have a brushed nickel finish, subdued brass or chrome.


Medicine Cabinets - One necessity in a bathroom is a medicine cabinet. Medicine cabinets can act as a treasure trove of drugs and contraband for nosy friends and neighbors. Just checking to see if your reading all of this. Most medicine are available as wall mounted or recessed. Wall mount medicine cabinets protrude from the wall and are not as attractive as a recessed medicine cabinet. If the factory does not offer the type of medicine cabinet you prefer, have the factory frame the wall to accomodate the medicine cabinet and install the unit on site.


Bath Fans for Modular Homes - Modular homes are super tight and require exceptional bath fans rated to exhaust moisture from the home. Bath fans should provide 8 air changes and hour in a bathroom. Installing an ENERGY STAR rated bath fan in your modular home is a super smart move- retrofitting bath fans is tough and frustrating job - I have installed a number of them myself.


Shower Doors - Modular home companies offer to install glass shower doors as a standard option. Most of the companies who supply their bath tubs and showers offer new construction shower doors to fit their bath fixtures. Bathrooms requiring custom glass doors, should be ordered and installed from a local company. The factories who do provide bath doors offer one, maybe two typed of glass finish for your doors. The most common style of glass offered is a hammered glass. If you do find a style of glass for your bath tub or shower, The modular home factory might install a custom order for your home. Be aware, custom orders often cost more to have the factory install the doors than what it would cost to install on site.


Lighting - Standard bathroom lighting in modular homes include a light bar above the medicine cabinet or mirror. There are thousands of light bar styles available and a multitude of finishes. I recommend ordering your modular home with a standard factory lighting option or an upgraded light bar. If in the future you decide to upgrade or change the light bar, it is an easy task and cost next to nothing.


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