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Virginia Modular Homes

Building a modular home in Virginia is a great investment. If you are building a new home in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Richmond, or Arlington VA modular construction could save you thousands of dollars and minimize construction time and aggravation. The key to building a new home is selecting the right builder and modular home factory. A new home will cost less to heat and cool and be more comfortable year round. The main benefit to building in Virginia is you will have your own home, custom built to your life style.

Best Time to Build a Modular Home in Virginia

Many future home builders wonder when is the best time to build a new home. Building a modular home can be completed throughout the Virginia’s mild climate. Even building a house in the winter is possible when the home is constructed inside a climate controlled factory. Or if you are wondering if this is the right to build due to the economic conditions. At one time housing was considered the biggest investment you will ever make in your life. The reality building a new home is more than an investment, it it your life and castle. I believe the best time to build a new is when you can afford to build a new home for your self in Virginia.

Virginia Homes

Building a new home in Virginia opens a world of choices for you. If you are building a modular or prefab home in a Virginia urban area, in the country or the blue ridge mountains or on one of Virginia’s beaches, Building modular makes sense year round.

Urban Homes - System built homes can be designed to fit into existing urban settings with traditional exterior finishes. The big benefit is the homes will have modern floor plan design to fit you life style today. Building a new home in an urban area is becoming more popular to minimize commute times and increase free time in your life. If you are considering a single family home, town house or a multi family home in Arlington, the loop around Washington DC or Richmond Virginia, modular construction could save you thousands of dollars and months of time.

Beach Homes - Building in the coastal regions of Virginia is a dream. Laid back beach living in a new home is a bigger dream. Building in the coastal regions of Virginia require homes to have additional strapping, higher performance windows and additional construction options to meet strict hurricane inspired measures to minimize damage to your home due to coastal storms. Modular Homes can be built on piers, crawls spaces and full foundations on Virginia’s beaches. If your beach lot has a high water table, a full foundation could provide you with an unwanted indoor swimming pool.

Suburbia - Building a new home in a popular Virginia suburbs has become the norm for people commuting into Washington DC and other high populated areas of Virginia. Modular construction provides home builders the opportunity to have the suburban home of their dreams. Modular construction is built to last longer than many site built stick homes. If you are looking to build in a subdivision, check the specs of the developer and builders. Often these builders of new homes use inexpensive “card board” for exterior sheathing or foam boards. All modular home represented on Modular Home Place are built to last for years.

Cottages and Cabins

Building a second home in the mountains is a great way to escape the hassles of every day life. Modular homes can be be designed as small cozy cottages or large hunting cabins. The exterior finishes of modular homes can have log siding and natural wood finishes inside for a rustic look on the outside and warm feeling in the inside of the floor plan. Modular home cottages are also popular for baby boomers looking to down size and have more practical living spaces.

Quality and Value

Building a new modular home in Virginia will give new home owners the security they desire in owning a home. When you build a modular home make sure you hire a factory approved builder to complete your home. Often dealers will sell you on the idea of being your own general contractor. There is not one modular home factory encouraging home buyers to act as their own general contractor. If you act as your own general contractor, you will incur stress and most likely a law suit where as you will spend thousands of dollars on legal costs which should have gone into your home. Law suits in the modular home industry originate due to home buyers trying to save money as their own general contractor. Don’t be a fool and listen to how easy it is to your own general contractor in Virginia.

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