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Modular Home Windows

The type of windows you select for your modular home influences the energy efficiency, appearance. comfort, natural lighting and requirements of maintenance. Modular home factories offer single hung, double hung, casement, hopper, sliding windows and specialty windows. In addition to the type of windows your can choose for your modular home, you will need to decide on the frame materials (wood, vinyl & fiberglass) and glass options to meet local building conditions.

Not all windows perform equally, this is why all windows have a NFRC rating. Understanding the NFRC rating will help you select the best window for your new prefab home. In addition to meeting energy efficient code requirements, modular homes constructed along coastal area will require windows that withstand hurricane force winds.

Enhancing the appearance of windows is important, you can add different types of trim to your modular home windows inside and out. Some modular home manufactures will provide window sill or stools as a standard and other will only offer cased opening. When you are designing and planning the construction of your prefab home, you will need to make these once in a life time decisions on the interior trim of the windows in your prefab home.

Windows allow light into the home, so it is very important for you to make place the windows in the best location to facilitate maximum natural day lighting in you new home. In addition to natural light in the winter months, you should consider the type of window treatments you will be installing to keep your prefab home more comfortable in winter nights in the winter and summer days in the south.

The Importance of Modular Home Installation

The installation of a window in your new modular home is just as important, maybe even more important than the frame material or the glass. Modular home factories should use non-expanding spray foam between windows ant the framing opening. Proper installaion of windows will extend the life of the window, control moisture, minimize air leakage and improve a modular home's comfort levels through out the home.