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Oregon Modular home are sold by factory authorized builder and dealers throughout Oregon. Home builders in Portland, Eugene, Salem, Gresham, Beaverton, or anywhere in OR should always hire a general contractor who specializes in new modular home construction.

Customers in Oregon who have special housing needs can be accommodated by building a custom prefab home. In the past, factory built homes were boxy but good. Today modular construction offers every style of home will all of the options a site built home provides for new home buyers. Two story mansions designed by forward thinking architect have been built in the mountains of Oregon have saved people as much as thirty percent in savings.

Green and Energy Efficient

Green building has become very popular in Oregon, modular construction is more than green, modular construction systems are smart. When a home is built in a controlled environment, there is less waste and and better construction. The homes are built exacting standards to provide minimal air leakage and excellent insulation R-Values. By building a green energy efficient home, you will home will be more comfortable with a smaller and less costly to operate heating and cooling system.


Oregon consumers demand quality construction when building a new home. It is very smart to tour the modular home factory building your new prefab house. Factory construction is consistant and protected from the elements. You have the choice to upgrade the construction specifications to make the home stronger, more energy efficient and comfortable. Modular home construction in Oregon provide quality construction for a fraction of the cost of site built homes.

Price to Build

The price for a modular home compared to a site built home will save Oregon home buyers thousands of dollars - even with the smallest floor plan. If you are building a large unsustainable home which is wasteful due to size, a factory built prefab house offers even greater savings. In addition to providing a lower price, many banks prefer to finance modular homes due to the level of completion when the home is delivered and set on the foundation.

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