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Modular Home Floor Plans

Standard Prefab Home Floor Plans

ranchdirectory1a1aRanch Floor Plans

bradburyy1a1Two Story Floor Plans

capedirectory1a1aCape Cod Floor Plans

ranchdirectory1aRanch Homes floor plans offer informal living space where the open floor plan concept allows the occupants to be joined together in the living rooms, kitchen and dinging room. Most ranch homes have eat in kitchens rather than formal dining rooms. Ranch home floor plans are more funtional and utilize the square footage without the need for compartmentalized rooms

Modular Ranch Home Floor Plans - Ranch home floor plans include floor plans for straight ranches, raised ranches, split levels, T-ranches for example. Ranch homes offer the benefits of single floor living. The American ranch home provides an informal floor plan that is open an less compartmentalized than standard two story floor plans.

Ranch homes floor plans provide single floor living for the aging population who no longer desire to walk up stairs. Younger families enjoy ranch home floor plans where a family room can be located in the basement to separate living room space and the family room used by children. Ranch homes cost more per square foot due to the requirement for a larger foundation, however if the foundation’s basement can be utilized into functional space, the cost per usable square footage drops below the square footage price of usable space of a two story floor plan.


Two Story Modular Home Floor plans come in a variety of designs, The most popular two story floor plan is the two story colonial home. Today's two story homes a great room on the rear half of the floor plan to offer an informal living space for the occupants. The formal dining room and living room often go unused as wasted space.

Two Story Modular Homes - Two story homes are more formal in design than single floor homes. This means living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens are compartmentalized into specific spaces. The trend to make two story home floor plans a little less formal is the “great room”. The great room is usually connected to the kitchen and a breakfast nook.

One of the major advantages of a two story floor plan is the need for a larger expensive foundation and basement. For example a 1,500 square foot ranch requires a 1,500 square foot foundation where as a 1,500 square foot two story only requires a 750 square foot foundation. The money saved on foundation costs can be used for upgrades through out the house.

capedirectory1aCape Cod floor plans offer the functionality of a ranch home and potential formality of a two story. One and a half story homes often have the master bedroom or suite on the first floor and the additional bedrooms on the second floor. Building a modular Cape Cod is a great floor plans for a growing family will need additional space on the second floor in the future.

Modular Cape Cod Floor Plans - Cape Cod Floor plans have all of the benefits of a ranch home with single floor living for the primary occupants of the home if the floor plan contains a master bedroom on the first floor. Small Cape Cod floor plans are much like a two story home with the living, dining room and kitchen on the first floor and one or two bedrooms on the second floor. The major difference between a one and a half story home and a ranch is the roof pitch. The steeper roof pitch provides space which can be finished into bedrooms, studios, office space with an additional bathroom for a fraction of the cost of an entire second floor.

By building a Cape Cod, the money saved on a lower foundation costs can be used to finish the second floor of the home. Adding dormers to a one and a half story home with a 12/12 roof pitch adds natural light to the second floor and charm to the home’s exterior.

Cape Cod’s offer the benefits of both a ranch and a two story home for those downsizing and families which are growing.

Custom Modular Home Floor Plans

CustomModularHomeDouglasCutler1a1Modular Homes and Architects

Modular Homes are a perfect fit for each other. Using an architect as a consultant or as total design solution adds funcitonality and value to your home. The architects on our page are experienced in working with modular design.

- One of the greatest advantages of building a modular home is the opportunity design a custom one of a kind home. In the past, one would often require an expensive architect to design your home. Modular home factories have experienced engineers and design experts to design your modular home floor plan from your floor plans.

Options for Designing a Custom Modular Home Floor Plan

Napkin Drawings - This is when you bring a sketch of the floor plan you want as your home. The engineering department at the modular home factory will generate your sketch into a preliminary floor plan. After the preliminary floor plan has been drawn, you can fine tune your plan into your custom home.

Existing Floor Plans - Often people find floor plans from a book, a magazine or a website. If you found floor plans you like, the modular home factory’s engineering department can “modularize” that floor plan to be constructed in the factory.

Combined Plans - Often people will come with a napkin sketch or one part of a home and a floor plan for another part of the home from standard modular home floor plans. Again, the engineering department at a modular home factory will be able to produce a preliminary floor plan drawing no cost to you in most instances.

Factory Floor Plans

Every modular home factory has a large collection of standard floor plans. Standard floor plans offered by the modular home industry include ranches, two story homes, split levels, Cape Cods or one and a half story homes, raised ranches and even modernist homes. Typically standard floor plans offered by factories are a starting point to designing and building a modular home. Modular Home Place has a large selection of floor plans for you review to identify homes you might consider building. The three classifications of modular home floor plans include: ranches, Cape Cods andtwo story homes.

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