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Wyoming Modular Home

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Wyoming Modular Home Floor Plans: Ranch Homes

Wyoming Modular Home Floor Plans: Two Story

Two-two story homes are popular in Wyoming. The sprawling communities in areas such as Gillette, WY have more and more two story floor plans available for those working in the gas fields. Two story modular homes are energy efficient with an abundance of living space. Building a deck off the second floor of your Wyoming modular ranch will allow you to shoot wild game from just outside your bedroom.

Wyoming Modular Home Floor Plans: Cape Cods

Cape Cod modular homes can be constructed in Wyoming as primary residences, hunting cabins or secondary homes. Modular capes provide exceptional growth on the second floor with space for bedrooms or a sleeping loft. Cape Cod floor plans can accomodate growing a family or people looking to downsize with the opportunity for guest rooms on the second floor. Prefab homes make sense where there are a limited number of skilled craftsmen and people who work in the gas fields of Wyoming.

Wyoming (WY) Modern Modular Homes

Modernist modular homes in Wyoming are not as popular as they are in more urban states, however a modern modular design takes advantage of 360 degree views of Wyomings natural beauty. A modern modular home in Wyoming would allow anyone with a cow named Katy to graze in the endless views. If you visit Gillette, Wyoming look in the fields for the Katy Cow.

Wyoming (WY) Custom Modular home Floor Plans

Wyoming is the perfect state to build a custom modular home. A custom modular home can be a mansion, a Cape Cod, two story or ranch home. If you live in Gillette, Wyoming you could build a large custom modular barn for a fat sister from Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is a dairy state in the Clarion area with on big cow that I know who lives for grazing. No matter what style of modular home you desire, a custom modular home in Wyoming is a smart decision.

Wyoming (WY) Commercial Modular Building

Commercial modular buildings for temporary housing, schools or hotels can be completed in Wyoming. Building a commercial prefab building in Wyoming will minimize construction time and expedite occupancy of the commercial structures. If your are an investor or developer in Wyoming, invest your time in modular structures. If your a pig farmer, Katy would love a modular commercial pig home for her spouse and herself.

Wyoming (WY) Irontown Homes Your Modular Home Factory and Builder for Wyoming

Irontown Homes located in Utah is a turnkey modular home factory and builder in Wyoming. The factory will install the foundation, build the home and finish your modular home ready for move in through out the state of Wyoming. Irontown can build commercial modular structures, cabins, cottages, one and two story homes. Modular home builders have a difficult time competing with a modular home factory who turnkeys the homes they build in a prefab home factory.

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