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Modular Home Fiberglass Insulation

How Much Insulation Does Your Modular Home Require

ENERGY STAR Modular Homes

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What Are The Steps to Buying a Modular Home?

The steps to buying a modular home start with buying land and securing financing. Although it might appear to be a complicated process to build a modular home, once you understand what needs to be done it is much easier. Below you will find the major steps to building a modular home.

  1. Reconstruction Tasks - This step starts prior to any construction of your modular home - Pre-construction Tasks to Build a Modular Home
  2. Site Preparation and Modular Home Set - This step included site clearing, foundation installation and setting the modular home on the foundation.
  3. Exterior Construction and Button Up - Finishing the modular homes exterior and any site constructed elements of the modular home.
  4. Mechanical Connections and Installation - Once the modular home is set on the foundation, the electrical, plumbing and heating and air conditioning systems will need to be connected and installed.
  5. Interior Button Up - At this point the final finishes for the modular home will take place including drywall, trim, flooring, and clean up.


  1. Land and Financing Land and money is key to ordering a modular home. Without land and financing the thought of building is just an idea. Your land and financing will influence the size, style and options of your modular home. A suitable building lot and financing is the first step to ordering from Modular Home Place.
  2. Complete a Modular Home Place Buyer / Builder Registration By being a registered buyer/Builder you will be able to get full quotes on your home, preliminary drawings completed and modifications made to the floor plans you have chosen to get a sales quote. Builder / Buyer Registration Form.
  3. Pick Out a Modular Home Floor Plan Modular Home Place’s large selection of standard modular home floor plans is a great place to start the selection process. All of our modular plans can be modified. Modular Home Place would be happy to custom design your home with you if you have a plan idea of your own. Modular Home Place Floor Plans include: Ranches, Two Stories, Cape Cods, T-Ranches, Split Levels, Colonials, farm house, Modernist and Core House Cottages. Modular Home Place will do a proposed black line floor plan. The black line drawing will be used to generate your sales quote.
  4. Modular Home Sales Proposal Forward your floor plan and your wish list to Modular Home Place for a no obligation proposal. Modular Home Place will price your house the specs you choose. specifications. MHP will then forward the sales Proposal to you to review. If the price is acceptable we will review your wish lists and prioritize your options and add them to the sales quote. Note some options will be best to have completed on site.
  5. Tour the Factory We highly recommend our modular home factory tour. The tour will show you how your prefab is built better in a controlled environment. More importantly you will see how finished your home will arrive at your building lot and the tasks you will need to have completed. Not visiting the factory is a mistake not to be made. Step
  6. Preliminary Drawings and Sample Kit After the factory and understanding your responsibilities as your own builder, your house will now need to drawn by our manufacture’s engineering department. Depending on the complexity of the home the engineering fee starts at $2500.00. Complete Modular Home Places” Engineering Request Form” and send a the appropriate engineering fees to Modular Home Place. Engineering will now draw preliminary drawings: floor plans and front elevations. Preliminary drawing usually take two weeks for completion. You will also receive our sample kit after the factory tour. The sample kit will allow you to make additional color and option selections.
  7. Preliminary Engineering and Revisions Review your preliminary drawings and mark up any changes on the plan and Modular Home Place’s “Engineering Revision Request” Form. Number all of the changes on the floor plan to correspond with the items on the form. Return your request to Modular Home Place. Your revisions will be back in your possession normally within two weeks. Three revisions are included in the engineering fees. This step will be repeated Step 6 will repeat itself until you are happy with your plans.
  8. Final Drawings After signing off on your preliminary drawings - satisfactory floor plan and you have chosen your colors and options your house will now be drawn and forwarded to our Order Processing department. The sales quote will now become a final quote and your drawings will be turned into finals drawings as well. Your final drawings include: floor plans, elevations, electrical proposed foundation plan for your local engineer.
  9. Final Drawing and Sales Final Review your final drawings and final pricing (Your price is good for 45 days). If everything is satisfactory, you will complete Modular Home Place’s Permit Set Request and return it to Modular Home Place. Your building permit sets should arrive in around three weeks. Set Up 8.5 Order the Engineering and Foundation While Engineering is preparing your permit sets, you will need to arrange excavation, foundation engineering and foundation installation.
  10. Pulling Building Permits. After receiving your building permits take them to your local building department to receive your building permits. Step 10 Order Your Modular Home Once your foundation is scheduled for installation and your permit sets and other requirements are in place you will need to sign off on the permit sets and complete our Modular Home Place’s “Terms and Conditions of Sale” (our sales contract), Builder Acknowledgement, Modular Home Final Pricing and Options, Site Directions and Production Release forms.


Your Modular Home is Now Ordered and Will Be Delivered to Your Site in Around Four Weeks


Benefits to Modular Construction

Factory Construction - Modular homes are constructed in a climate controlled facility which protects your home from the elements of rain, snow and wind during the construction of your home.

Building Components - Modular homes are constructed from the same quality prefabricated building materials and lumber found in site or stick built homes. Review the modular home options and standard specifications for modular homes.

Financing - Banks look now appreciate the quality of todays modular homes, expediency in construction and the security of a home which is 90% complete when it has been set on your foundation. Learn more about modular home loans.

Floor Plans - Modular home floor plans include: ranch homes, two story, Cape Cod and modern floor plans. No matter the home design you are considering, your home can be built as a modular home. Discover modular home floor plans.

Energy Efficiency - System built modular homes are built to be exceptionally energy efficient. The thermal envelope is air sealed and insulated better than most site built "stick" homes. Many people opt to have their home insulated with spray foam insulation. Energy Professionals can insulate all Pennsylvania constructed modular homes. Modular homes are green and energy efficient.

Time Savings - Building modular homes takes a fraction fo the time it takes to build a home on site. The benefit to the time savings is less aggravation, on time and on budget building and savings on your modular home loan.











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