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Modular homes are a bit of a challenge for Alaska. Shipping and transporting homes can be an expensive endeavor. Even with the added cost of building a modular homes makes sense in Alaska. Prefab homes are exceptionally energy efficient and comfortable year round. It especially important to build an energy efficient home in the extreme climate of Alaska.

Modular homes come in every style of floor plans for Alaska. If you are looking for a practical two story, multi-family, easy living ranch home or a cozy cape cod for a fishing cottage, a prefab kit could be excellent for your Alaskan get away.

Prefab kit homes are shipped as boxes or modules, giving them the name modulars. The modules are shipped to the building site and then placed on the foundation using a crane. Once the home is placed on the foundation, a finish crew will install the exterior finishes of your new modular home. The interior of your home will be nominal to finish out and be ready for you to move into your new home.

One of the best types of modular homes for you to build in Alaska is a SIP modular home with eight inch thick walls. The R-values of these sip modular homes is over an R-30 and will keep your heating bills low in the winter and your modular home comfortable in the summer.



Modular Ranch Homes For Alaska

Single floor living is easy and practical with all of your life on one floor. Living in a ranch allows you to have a full foundation for extra space. Ranch modular homes are the easiest and quickest to put together. Often modular ranch homes are confused as double wide trailers. These prefab homes are not manufactured doublewide trailers, but homes that are built to stringent building codes.

Ranch homes can be used for hunting cabins or cottages or full time residences. Explore our floor plans and contact the factories to build your next house.


Modular Cape Cods For Alaska

Cape Cods are popular in every state. The steep roof will shed heavy snows during Alaska's brutal winters. The added bonus space in a cape cod home can be used as bedrooms or as an open loft.

Prefab cape cod kits are also popular due to the "double wide" shipping costs to Alaska but the quality and attractiveness of a code compliant modular home.


Two Story Modular Homes For Alaska

The short building season in Alaska extends itself to building two story modular homes in the summer months. Two story modular homes are an excellent choice to build with the short building season in Alaska. A two story home can be completed in less than a month and be move in ready to beat the Alaska snow.

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