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How can I get the best price from a modular home builder or dealer?

If you are reading this web page you on your way to getting the best price on your modular home. Being educated about how to design buy, compare and bid a modular home will put you at an advantage in getting the best price on your new home. Price alone should not be the only consideration when buying a modular home. Below are a couple of sales strategies used to sell homes.

Different Prefab Home Sales Strategies

Low Base Price / High Option Pricing - The modular dealer will give you a super low price for the base home and makes his profit on the options. This strategy locks the buyer in at an early stage of the process. The low base price will also have lower spec as well. For example the roof pitch could be a 5/12 roof truss framed 24" on center. Upgrading to a 7/12 roof pitch framed 16" on center could be an expensive upgrade. The floor decking could be 5/8" OSB compared to 3/4" OSB or plywood. Beware of buying from a seller who uses this strategy. In the end the price of the home will be much higher than you preliminarily expected.

Fair Base Price / Fair Option Price - This is when a modular home dealer understands what his costs are and knows how much money he has to charge to stay in business. Often these prefab home dealers charge nominal fees for options and upgrades. Some let you buy them at their cost. They know what they are going to make in the beginning. Often you will be able to get a better appointed home from this type of dealer.

Low Base Price / Low Option Price - This tactic is often used by a new modular home builder looking to cut their teeth on building their first home. You might get a great price on the home only to pay for many mistakes and errors due to inexperience. In the end you might end up paying more to educate a new builder.

Economical or Cheap Modular Homes

What is the cheapest shape for a modular home?

The most economical or cheapest modular home is like a volvo - boxy but good. This is true with all construction designs including site built stick homes. The simpler the shape of the prefab house, the less expensive or "cheaper" the modular home will cost.

What is the cheapest width for a modular home?

Another element is the width of the module. twenty four food wide modules will cost less than twenty four wide modules. Twelve foot modules can have the overhangs finished at the factory minimizing the cost of the set crew to flip the overhangs on the modules. In addition, the soffit and fascia will be installed ready for rain gutters to be installed.

Thirty two foot deep modular homes will cost the most due to additional site work with the over hang flips, installation of soffit and fascia. Shipping extra wide modules will require additional escorts and potentially a police escort depending upon your state. Your modular home builder will explain the additional costs to you.

How do I get the cheapest square footage price on a modular home?

Length of Modules - The longer the modules the lower the square footage price. The cost to deliver a thirty foot module will be the same cost as a sixty foot module. The cost to add length to the module in the factory is nominal because all you are adding is materials and labor. The cost to set two thirty foot boxes or modules is going cost about the same as two sixty foot modules. The longer the modules the lower your square footage price for your modular

Bum pout Modules and Roof Lines - Stay away from crazy roof lines, bump outs, decorative reverse gables and items that will make your home unique and more expensive.

Can I save money if I omit items from the modular home and install items myself?

Yes and No. Don't you hate that answer. There are certain items you can and should have installed on site to save money. However most of the items you omit from the factory will not save you money. If you omit items from the modular home factory from installing items, the factory still has to pay its workers and overhead. So the factory will only credit you the wholesale cost of the items you are omitting. In reality you will be paying double labor if you install kitchen cabinets, sinks, windows, doors, shingles, trim and more.

Yes, Items you can save installing on site rather than in the factory.

If you have selected hardwood floors, ceramic tile and other specialty finishes you will save money by installing these home finishes on site. Most builders will give you the option and the price to have the factory do it or have it done on site. Modular home builders and suppliers are aware of what can and should be completed in the factory and what should be installed after the house has been set.








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