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Modular Home FAQs - Factories

Why do modular home factories have different prices?

There are a number of factors influencing the prices a modular home factory charges for their modular homes. The following elements influence the price of what a modular home factory charges for their homes:

Competitive Pricing - In the end, most modular home companies are pretty competitive in their pricing when you compare the specs and finishes with an apples to apples approach. One other element is the level of finish a factory offers. Some manufactures cost less because they do not complete as much in the factory adding additional finishing costs.

What should I look for when I visit a modular home factory?

One of the most important elements in touring a modular home factory is the over all attitude of the people working at the modular home factory. In addition look at the cleanliness of the factories floors. When a factory floor is sloppy, the workers are not as conscientious in the production of your modular home. Not only are you touring the factory, you will also be able to visit the engineering department. Again the attitudes of the engineers will influence the services you receive when buying a new modular home.

Make sure the factory you buy your modular home from has a level floor. The floors system in a modular home system will influence a homes construction. A home built on an uneven floor will have out of square walls, excessive drywall cracking and additional cosmetic problems which will increase the completion of the modular home after it is set on the site's foundation.

Why do modular home factories work through a network of builders rather than providing turnkey services?

The modular home factories in the north east (Pennsylvania; New York; New Jersey; Connecticut to Maine) and the mid atlantic region (Maryland, Virginia; West Virginia; North Carolina to Georgia) act primarily as suppliers of modular homes. The modular home factory loses control when they would be responsible for the completion of the home three hundred miles away from home. The builders who sell and finish modular homes have relationships with local trades people to provide the best price to finish your new modular home.



What is the difference between a modular home and a prefab home?

What is the difference between a modular home and a manufactured mobile home?

Why don't modular home factories build their own trusses?

Can I visit a modular home factory before buying a new modular home?

Can I buy a new modular home directly from the modular home factory?







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