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Why Use Spray Foam Insulation in a Modular Home?

Higher and Constant R-Values

Closed cell foam has an R-Value of seven per inch over fiberglass insulation with an R-Value of 3.8 per inch. In addition to a higher R-Value, spray foam insulation does not lose its R-value as the temperature decreases. The R-Value of fiberglass insulation actually drops as the temperature drops. Fiberglass insulation improperly installed can be as little as 25% affective at resisting heat transfer in a modular home.

Moisture Barrier and R-Value

One and a half inches of closed cell spray foam acts as a moisture barrier and stops moisture from traveling through the building cavities of a modular home. In addition, spray foam insulation does not lose R-Value. Fiberglass insulation and cellulose insulation loses R-Value if they become damp.

Air Barrier

When spray foam insulation is installed in a modular home, all of the nooks and crannies in the home are filled with the spray foam. Irregular building cavities are filled to eliminate even the smallest cavity eliminating convective loops found in fiberglass insulation.

Modular Home and Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

Closed cell spray foam will minimize conducting heat flows. Closed cell spray foam stops moisture movement in you modular home and closed cell spray foam stops air leakage. The benefits to a spray foam home include: comfort; peace and quiet; lower energy bills; moisture control; better indoor air quality.

Comfort - Your modular home will have even temperatures without drafts and cold spots when properly insulated with spray foam insulation.

Peace and Quiet - Your modular home will be quiet inside even if their are loud noises outside of your home.

Air Sealing - When your home is properly air sealed with spray foam insulation your home will be draft free and comfortable. In addition to being more comfortable, your energy bills be lower.

Lower Maintenance - When your home is air sealed and insulated with spray foam insulation, moisture flows will be contained and you will have less costly maintenance to complete. For example: less painting.

Lower Energy Bills - The last of the benefits is your home will cost less to heat and cool and be more comfortable, quiet, healthy with less maintenance.

Moisture Control - Your modular home will be more durable and comfortable when insulated with spray foam insulation. Spray Foam insulation minimizes moisture flows which can devalue the performance of insulation, create mold and ugly mildew odors and improve the overall durability of your home.

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