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Modular Home Construction

Modular Home Plumbing Site Work

Modular homes will require plumbing waste lines, water supply and vent stacks to be connected, installed and pressure tested. On the first floor of a modular home, the water supply lines and waste lined will be stubbed through the floor. The second floor of a modular home will require the waste lines and water supply to be connected to the water lines preinstalled in the first floor of the modular home.

Public Water or Well

Depending on the water source for your modular home will determine what type of plumbing connections will be required for your new home. Regardless of the water supply, the pipe entry for the water supply should be installed during the installation of the foundation. Connecting the well or public water to the house is required.

Septic or Sewer

Connecting the sewer or septic lines is similar to the water source for the modular home.

Note: Installation of the septic system should be completed after the modular home is set and delivered. If the septic field is installed a minimum of thirty feet from the modular home foundation, the field can be installed. When your modular home is delivered, there will be heavy equipment and the modules that could damage your septic system.

Hot Water Heater

The electrician will need to run power to the hater heating system if its a storage tank unit or an on demand system. Most modular homes manufacturers provide either an electric or a natural gas water heating system with the modular home. The water heater will be a "ship loose" item if it is to be installed in the modular homes foundation space. If the water heater is going to be located in the modular homes conditioned space, it could be installed in the factory.

Waste Lines and Vent Stacks

First floor water lines for a modular home will need to be connected to the waste lines in the foundation space of the modular home.

Two story waste lines will need to be interconnected to the first floor box. The interconnects will be located between the first and second floor. If a manufacture can install the waste line access panel in the floor of the second floor it will eliminate the need to finish and paint dry wall on the ceiling of the first floor. This can't always be accomplished due to the modular homes flooring materials installation. If the flooring is installed where the interconnect for the modular homes waste line is located, the builder will be required to install drywall, mud, prime and paint the ceiling.

The vent stacks need to be connected in the attic space to the installed stacks that have penetrated the roof of the modular home.

Water Supply

The water supply lines on the first floor of modular homes will need to be connected to the plumbing lines fixtures which have been stubbed through the floor of the modular home.

The second floor will require the water feeds to be connected between the first and second floor in access panels located most often in the same location of the waste lines for the modular home. Again, if at all possible it is best to have the access panels located in the floor of the second floor module versus the ceiling.

Water Supply and Waste Line Pressure Testing

After the water supply lines and waste lines are installed it will be required to pressure test the connected lines. The modular home manufacture will require air pressure tests between 95 and 120 psi on the water lines and around 35 psi on waste lines. Always follow the manufactures requirements.

Water Supply Manifold

If your modular home has pex plumbing, a great investment is to have a manifold system installed. A manifold allows you to shut off water to all fixtures from a central location in the modular home. In addition, a manifold system is a wonderful gadget for practical jokers who want to turn off the water supply while loved ones are showering.

Hot Water Heater and Clothes Washer Drain Pans

Modular homes having hot water heaters or washing machines installed within the modular home will require a drain pan to be installed. If the water heater is installed at the modular home factory, the pan will be in place and the drain line should be stubbed through the floor of the unit. If the water heater or the clothes washer is installed on the second floor of the modular home, the same requirements of making connections between the first and second floor modules will be required.

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