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KanBuild, INC. / H.I.G Capital

P.O. Box 259

126 Nichols Road

Osage City, KS 66523


About KanBuild - Modular Home Factory

KanBuild, inc, manufactures: residential, commercial and multi-family modular homes and buildings at their Osaga City, Kansas modular home factory. The KanBuild factory is located between Kansas City and Wichita Kansas. KanBuild is located in the center of the United States. The Osage factory supplies modular homes to: Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, South Dakota, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Wyoming and Iowa. Their location allows for easy access to the midwest and southwest modular home markets.

Floor Plans and Designs

KanBuild General Information

KanBuild modular homes celebrated is 25th anniversary in 2011. For over two decades, this modular home factory has been constructing unique and cutting edge custom prefab buildings. KanBuild uses outside builders to sell and "build" their prefab houses and buildings on site. KanBuilds offers a guaranteed pricing program similar to most modular home factories in the United States. One of the big benefits of modular home construction is the price of your modular home is locked in when you place the order for your home. Site built stick home can have price variances due to escalating material costs.

KanBuild Building Systems

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