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Page 6 - Two Story Floor Plans

Building a New Two Story Modular Home

If you have chosen a two story modular home floor plan, here are some simple tips to minimize the construction costs of your new home.

Gable Roofs - Design your home with a gable roof. If you have hip roofs, reverse gables, crickets to accomodate floor plans with bumpiest and etc you will drive the cost of your home up. This is true with both prefab homes and site built stick construction.

Depending on where your new prefab home is delivered will influence the level of finish completed in the factory influencing the price of the modular home. If you live in an area where site labor is costly, it is wise to have the factory install as much as possible when it the home is manufactured.


Boxy But Good Modular Homes - Rob Ebbits of Excel Homes in Liverpool, PA shared this line with me when I worked at Avis America. He stole it from the movie "Truth in Advertising". Floor plans which are boxy but good will save you money. If your home has only four corners, the foundation will cost less, the roof will cost less and modular home which are boxy but good cost less to finish out on site.

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Haven Custom Homes - Classic Homes by Haven

Two Story Modular Home Floor Plans


Our collection of two story modular home floor plans range in size from 1500 square feet to over 5000 square feet. The architectural finish to these home can make your modular home a victorian, country farm house or an American neo classical design. For additional living space or storage you can increase the roof and add dormers to these floor plans. Two story modular homes are more difficult to complete than modular ranch homes and cape cods. The advantage to a two story modular home is you can have a bigger home on a smaller construction lot. Two story modular homes are typically double wide modular homes. Larger two story prefab homes can be as deep as three modules or 36 feet deep.

More Larger Classic Homes By Haven Two Story Floor Plans





1574 sq. ft.


1710 sq... ft


1980 sq... ft




New Oxford

2016 sq. ft.


2058 sq... ft


2089 sq. ft.





2091 sq... ft


2243 sq... ft


1980 sq. ft.,





2206 sq. ft.


2304 sq. ft.


2596 sq. ft.

More Larger Classic Homes By Haven Two Story Floor Plans

Two Story Floor Plan Home Feature

The Wheatland by Classic Homes by Haven Homes is a double wide two story modular home. This Three bedroom home has two and a half bathrooms. Two bathrooms are located on the second floor. The master bedroom is connected to a bath with a corner shower, linen closet, sink and vanity. The general bath on the second floor provides a bathtub and shower combination unit with a toilet and sink.

Good Storage

The Wheatland has plenty of storage on the second floor. The master bedroom has two large closets and a linen closet in the plan. The bedrooms in this floor plan have ample closet space and share a large common linen closet next to the common bathroom.

Living Space Floor Plan

The first floor plan is designed for casual living with a large living room in the front of the plan and the kitchen, dining room and powder room in the rear. The home has a formal foyer with a large foyer closet. The garage entry has a large closet situated next to the bathroom floor plans rear section of the home. The Kitchen is centrally located on in the rear of the home connected to the dining room. The Wheatland floor plan has plenty of space for a growing family with a full sized basement and potential home office space above the garage.

Modular Home Floor Plans

All of the two story modular home can be customized. The manufactured homes are built in a controlled envriroment following the exact as construciton floor plans. Prefabrication saves home buyers money and expensive time delay common in stick built construction. All of these homes can be the start to custom modular home floor plans.