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Reasons to Consider Buying a Manufactured Home

Manufactured Homes are Affordable

Manufactured homes cost close to half of what a site build home costs and forty percent less than a comparable modular home. Manufactured homes cost around fifty dollars a square foot compared. Modular homes cost around ninety five dollars a square foot and a the national average for a site built home at hundred and fifteen dollars a square foot.

Take this into consideration if your doing a price comparison on a modular home, a site built or “stick” built home or a manufactured home. A 2,200 square foot manufactured home will cost around $120,000 dollars compared to a modular home at $209,000 or a site built home costing $253,000. This lower costs make manufactured homes very attractive for home buyers.

There Attractive from the Exterior

Today’s manufactured homes are often include the same vinyl siding and exterior finishes that come with modular home or site built home. The majority of manufactured homes sold today are “double wides” homes. It has become difficult to differentiate a manufactured ranch home to a modular or site built home.

In the past manufactured homes looked like square tin cans with windows and doors punched in the exterior walls. Older double wides had low angled 3/12 roof pitches. Today, manufactured homes offer steeper roof pitches to improve the curb appeal of the homes.

Today many double wides can be set on block foundations on either a crawl space or a full foundation. It is very difficult to tell the difference by the attractive appearance of a manufactured home today. In the past most double wides had vinyl soffit as skirting rather than a foundation.

The windows in manufactured homes are very similar to the standard windows offered in many modular and site built homes. Standard windows are typically single hung energy efficient double paned windows.

Functional Floor Plans

The designers of manufactured floor plans have used years of experience maximizing the use of space. Today’s manufactured homes offer attractive and functional floor plans. If your building a new home, I would highly recommend reviewing manufactured home floor plans. The plans are typically “double” wide ranch homes, however some factories build triple wide homes.

Stunning Interiors

When you buy a new home you expect the place to take your breath away. A new manufactured home takes your breath away with many standard features that are expensive upgrades in site built or modular homes. The kitchens cabinets and kitchen floor plans are attractive and functional with new appliances included in the price of the home.

Many of the factories supplying manufactured homes now offer eight foot ceilings in their homes. At one time the dead give away of a manufactured home were the low seven and seven and half foot ceilings.

Drywalled interior walls are standard in many manufactured homes today. Older mobile homes had plywood paneling. Today’s manufactured homes have drywall as an optional and nominal upgrade/

Durability and Longevity

Today’s manufactured homes are often built next to modular home in modern factories. These homes use many of the exact same materials found in their modular cousins. To comply with energy codes, tow by six exterior walls are standard. Some site builders are still using 2x4s and foam sheathing with metal bracing for exterior walls. Maintenance free vinyl siding and asphalt shingles are also standard durable product installed on the exterior of a new home, just like a modular of site built home. Modern manufactured homes can last as long a traditional site built homes, maybe even longer when properly maintained.

Energy Efficency

The building envelope on a manufactured home is often tighter than many site build homes. Homes built with 2x6 exterior walls offer an R-value of 19 over an R-value of 11 with homes constructed with 2x4. The combination of an better insulated and air sealed building envelope and efficient heating and cooling systems can keep you comfortable year round for less compared to some site built homes.

Quick Move In Times

If you have a building site and you pick an in stock home, You could be moving into your home within weeks compared to a half a year of more with other building systems. This is especially important when time is of the essence and you need a place to live that you will love.

Environmental Factors

Besides being energy efficient, manufactured home factories have little to now waste compared to site built homes. Homes built in factories often have up to forty percent less waste in building materials found when building a site built home.

Financial Stability

A manufactured home that is place on a foundation will often increase in value and not lose it’s value as they had in the past. This depends on where you live and other market conditions. In addition, property taxes are less for manufactured homes as well. But the biggest benefit to a manufactured home is the fifty percent savings found at purchase time. I you invested your mortgage payment savings, you could find a much better return on your money. So lower taxes and investing into savings could put you ahead financially.

Accepted Housing

There are close to twenty million manufactured homes in the United States. When you compare the cost of living in an apartment and giving your money to a land lord to line his pockets or paying double for your home, there is no wonder why manufactured homes are acceptable to own and live in.

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