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Avis America Modular Homes

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Avis America

Avis PA 17721


About Avis America Modular Homes

Avis America Modular Homes is located in Avis, PA. Avis is located between Lock Haven and Williamsport PA. Avis supplies homes throughout the Mid-Atlantic region including: CT, DE, GA, MA, MD, ME, NC, NH, NY, PA, SC, VA, VT and WV. The owner of Modular Home Place cut his teeth in the modular home industry at Avis America and sold new modular homes in upstate New York, Bethel, CT and Long Island, NY.

The Avis America modular home factory is owned by Excel Homes in Liverpool, PA. Avis has a fine collection of standard Cape Cod, Two Story and Ranch modular ranch floor plans. One of the most popular Avis America homes is the Victoria. The Victoria is a six module Victorian home with a 12/12 roof pitch, turrets, dormes and wrap around porch. I sold one of these modular homes that was delivered to Greenwich, CT.

Avis at one time was the leader of sustainable modular home building. A sales representative (no longer with Avis America) built a solar modular home for his own residence only a few miles away from the Avis America factory. The Solar Patriot which was built as a Zero Energy Home for the Hathaways in Virginia was modified Avis America floor plan and design. Design Homes, llc built the Solar Patriot and delivered the home to the Mall in Washington DC for Earth day in 2001.

Don Bradley of Solar Solution, Alden Hathaway and Scott Sklarr in Washington DC were responsible for the placement of the Solar Patriot on the mall in Washington DC. Don Bradley is still building solar modular homes, but will not return my phone calls.

At the current time I believe the Avis America facility is building overflow for the parent company, Excel Homes located close to Harrisburg, PA. For more information on Avis America call Excel Homes.

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