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Modular Home Floor Plans and Designs


This spectacular modular home is a custom Classic Homes by Haven. This six module home was erected in one day.

Buying and building a new modular home is an exciting opportunity to have the home of your dreams. At MHP you will be able to find ranches, two story, Cape Cod, modern, multi family and commercial modular homes and floor plans. MHP explains modular home prices, design, construction options and design elements. MHP simplifies financing your modular home, explains the responsibilities of building a modular home. Prefab homes have become more popular through out the United States. We have floor plans for every state for you to choose your next home.

Modular Home Floor Plans

Ranch Home Floor Plans


Modular Ranch Homes - Ranch homes are regaining popularity with both young and older home buyers. Building a new modular ranch home provides customized floor plans, energy efficiency and a low maintenance home. Modular ranch homes are available as T -Ranches, H-Ranches and L Ranches; raised ranches and split levels modular homes.

Two Story Floor Plans


Modular Two Story Homes - Two story modular homes have become very popular to build. Two story prefab homes cost less, provide more living space and are more formal. Living spaces are on the first floor and bedrooms are located on the second floor of these modular homes.

Cape Cod Floor Plans


Modular Home Cape Cod Homes - Cape Cod homes provide the benefits of single floor living with second floor bonus space. Modular Cape Cod homes can be delivered to the site with or without the second floor being finished. Prefab Cape Cods floor plans can be formal or casual. Cape Cods can be used as primary residences, cabins, cottages or modular log homes.

Modern Home

Floor Plans


Modern Modular Homes - The Modernist movement has embraced modular construction to create contemporary homes through out the United States. Modern modular homes have open living spaces and smaller sleeping chambers. Architects and designers have taken advantage of using the efficiency of the modules to create homes with clean straight lines. Most modern prefab homes are modified from standard floor plans offered by architects and designer stock floor plans.

Multi Family Designs

and Floor Plans


Multi-Family Modular Home Floor Plans - Building a prefab multi family investment building include quicker build times, saving on construction financing, flexible floor plans and designs and less uncontrolled building costs found in "stick" built structures. Multi-family prefab units can be built as single story and two story duplex floor plans. Townhouse and condominium floor plans can designed to fit on the tightest building lots.




Commercial Modular Buildings - Modular construction systems are being used to build hotels, franchise restaurants, college dorms, class rooms; medical buildings, extended care homes, nursing homes, churches and other commercial structures. Prefab commercial modular structures are designed as per the intended use of the building. Large commercial projects require the use of an architect to design floor plans, coordinate colors and finishes. In addition an architect can help in designing floor plans that can be adapted for different uses in the future. In addition to building faster, prefabbed commercial structures are more energy efficient due to the exacting engineering and quality construction.

Custom Homes


Custom Modular Home Floor Plans - In my time in the modular home industry, I have never sold a standard modular home floor plan. All of the modular homes I have been involved with have been custom floor plans and designs. True custom modular homes are designed by a home buyers, an architect or builder. Most custom modular homes are created by modifying a site built plan or standard modular home floor plan.

Modular Home Prices: Cost and Options

Prices and Costsmodular-home-mortgage

Modular Home


A modular home supplier can be made into bait and switch conman in a new home buyers eyes if his uses the lowest spec to give you a price on the home. It is important to understand your requirements when asking for the price of a modular home.

Modular Home Prices - The first question everyone asks when buying a modular home is "what's the price of the modular home?" Most modular home suppliers can answer this price question with a solid answer within twenty four hours. The factory will cost the house and the modular home builder will pass the price on to you. The pricing of modular homes is easy. Estimating the cost to build a prefab house is more difficult.

The Cost Question - Asking a modular home builder, "How much do modular homes cost?" is a tough question. The cost of a modular home includes the price of the modular home and all of the cost to finish the home.

Before you ask your prefab house supplier about the cost of a modular home, you first need to discuss the following items:


Modular Home Options - Another major element on the cost of your modular home will be the options you choose for your modular home. Options for your prefab home will include standard factory options, custom factory options and site installed options you or your builder will install in your new home. The base price on a modular home is also influenced by state and local building codes. Our page on modular home option will help you discover options which will make your home more comfortable, energy efficient, functional and attractive. Your builder or supplier will help you make all of the selections for your new prefab home.

Modular Home Design

The steps to building a modular home include: finding a building lot; financing; selecting a builder or dealer; designing or modifying your modular home floor plans and selecting the options for your modular home. Each of the steps are covered on Modular Home Place to help make buying, designing and building a modular home easy.

Prefab Design and Floor Plans

When designing your home you have the these choices: selecting a standard modular home floor plan and modifying the plan; using a stock floor plan and modifying plans to be built as a modular home; designing a total custom floor plan and or a combination of these choices to design your modular home. Modular Home place will help you understand what you need to know to design a modular home.

Designing Modular Homes

Over the years prefabricated housing factories have designed hundreds of modular home floor plans. Standard floor often originate from custom floor plans and previous homes the factory has manufactured

Customization and Modifications - Modifying a standard modular home floor plan is the most popular approach to designing a modular home. Modular home designs and floor plans are very easy to modify.

Custom Floor Plans - For those of you who can't find a standard floor plan to modify, you can select a stock plan and modify it to be a modular home or you can use a modular home designer or architect to design your home. It is very important to select a designer who is familiar and experienced with system built housing.

Modular Home Floor Plans and Considerations for Occupants

Selecting a floor plan for you new home can be a major undertaking. Most people start looking at the exterior of homes hoping the floor plan will have the same appeal as the exterior of the home. This is where floor plan selection can become frustrating. The home looks great from the outside, but the home doesn't have a functional layout for your family. The elements influencing your floor plan selection include: family size; building lot; life style requirements; potential to add on to the home in the future. In addition to these basic elements come personal requirements such as home offices, play rooms; media rooms and storage. Selecting a modular home floor plan should be the second step before looking at the exterior of homes.

Modular Home Floor Plan Considerations

Spray Foam Insulation

for Modular Homes


The Energy Professionals located in Lock Haven PA install both open and closed spray foam insulation in your new modular home. Spray foam insulation in a prefab home has benefits including exceptional air sealing, effective R-values and sound deadening properties - making your home energy efficient, comfortable and quiet.

The Energy Professionals are centrally located in the middle of a multitude of Pennsylvania modular home factories: Avis America; Haven Homes; Professional Building Systems; Excel Homes; Simplex Homes; Signature Building Systems; ProBuilt Homes: Design Homes llc; Signature Building Systems; Apex Homes; Legacy Icon llc; and the new Haven Homes factory in Selinsgrove Pennsylvania. All of these modular home factories service most states including: New York; New Jersey Jersey; Pennsylvania; Maine; Vermont; Maryland and North Carolina.

Energy Efficient Modular Homes

Are you considering making your new modular home as energy efficient as it can be? If you have done your research, you understand the homes thermal envelope is key to low energy bills and comfort. Most modular homes are insulated with fiberglass batts. Fiberglass batts improperly installed in a modular home can be as little as 25% efficient if installed incorrectly. The solution to poorly installed fiberglass inspection includes having a thermal bypass inspection completed on your home while it is being constructed to make sure the insulation is installed correctly. A thermal bypass inspection is a requirement for ENERGY STAR homes. The other solution is to have spray foam installed in your new modular home at the factory.

Featured Factories


Smart Foundation Systms for Modular Homes

New home buyers rarely take into consideration the option available to them for their modular home foundation. Precast foundation walls offer home buyer the following benefits:

  •  Lower energy costs
  •  Higher home value
  •  Durability and strength
  •  Faster construction
  •  Custom design flexibility
  •  Holes for wiring and plumbing

Precast walls systems are available in twenty five states in the USA.

Learn More About Superior Walls

IronTown Homes

IronTown located in Utah, services California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho & Montana

Irontown homes builds new custom modular homes including ranches, two story homes, Cape Cods and modern prefab homes. Many of Irontown Homes floor plans were designed by William Garnett, architect.





Modular Homes

Modular Home Place has added Westchester Modular home to thier factory index. Westchester Modular Homes is located in Wingdale, NY state. Westchester services: Connecticut: Maine; Massachusetts; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New York; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island and Vermont. For more information on Westchester Modular Homes.

ProBuilt Modular Homes


ProBuilt Homes

ProBuilt Homes are our latest premier modular home manufacturer located in Mifflintown PA. ProBuilt provides homes through a network of experienced modular home builders in these states: CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, VT and WV. ProBuilt Modular Home Floor Plans.

If you have a set of plans or a floor plan sketch of a home, an MHP modular home builder will be able to give you a factory pricing within a few days. If you are only making modifications to a standard floor plan, you should have a price in less time. Building custom modular homes does not cost any more than building a similar standard modular home floor plan. ProBuilt Modular Homes.

Coming Soon to

Modular Home Place


Bill Garnett


Bill Garnett to Join MHP

Bill Garnett's designs and insight will be soon available on Modular Home Place. Garnett has designed a multitude of styles of modular homes. His selection of modular buildings include: single family; duplex; and larger projects. Garnett is conscience of our environment and has designed LEEDs certified housing in California. I look forward to having Garnett's forward thinking attitude and material on MHP.

Amy Ellison Ostberg

to Join MHP


Award winning Amy Ellison Ostberg 's New Hampshire Design Collaborative, LLC will be joining Modular Home Place as a affiliate modular architectural design firms. Ostberg has won the National Modular Home Hosing Counsel's modular concept home category three years in a row.

Last years award winning home is a Queen Ann style cottage. Ostberg's appreciation for New England architecture has been a major influence in her work and integrating Victorian and craftsmen styles into modern modular homes. We will have a Multiple pages highlighting Amy Ellison Ostberg's modular designs and philosophies.

Nationwide Homes

Nationwide Homes is a progressive modular home manufacture located 1100 Rives Road Martinsville, VA 24115. Nationwide is member of the Palm Harbor Homes group providing prefabricated homes through out the South East and South West United States. Nationwide offers a variety of ranch homes, two story and modular Cape Cod floor plans. In addition to traditional housing, Nationwide offers and exciting line of Eco Cottages. These small homes are affordable, energy efficent and constructed to high performance green standards.

MHP is excited Nationwide Homes has joined out group of manufacturers to make buying a prefab house an easy experience.

Modular Home Factory Directory and Listings

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IronTown Homes

Signature Building Systems

Integrity Building Systems

High Tech Housing


Professional Building Systems

Nationwide Homes

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Haven Custom Homes

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Apex Homes

Icon Legacy

Custom Building Systems

KanBuild, INC.

All American Homes

Wausau Homes

Palm Harbor Homes


Excel Homes

Avis America

Manorwood Homes

Britco Homes

Discovery Custom Homes

North American Housing

Penn Grove Homes

Guerdon Enterprises, ll

Dynamic Homes

Stratford Building Systems

Golden West

Karsten Homes

Custom Touch Homes

Future Homes

Horton Homes, inc.

Faqua Homes

Timberland Homes

Centara Building Technologies

Homark Homes

Oak Creek Homes

Superior Homes, llc

Fleetwood Homes

Hoopa Modular

Design Modular Homes

Southern Structures, inc.

Homes Builders West

Nashua Homes

Magnolia Modular

Wardcraft Homes

Cavco Industries

Southern Structures, inc.

Liberty Homes

SMS Custom Homes

Four Seasons Homes

Cavalier Homes Builders



Heritage Homes

Bill Lake Homes

Contempri Homes

Moduline Canada

Patriot Homes, inc.

HandCrafted Homes


Safeway Homes

Wisconsin Homes, inc.

Heckaman Homes

Cardinal Homes

Adrian Homes

Crestline Homes

DuraBuilt Custom Homes

R-Arnell Homes

Mascot Homes

New England Homes


Modular One

Epoch Homes

Muncy Homes

Genesis Homes

Homes of Merit

Coleman Homes

Prefab Home States

Alabama Modular Homes

Hawaii Modular Homes

Michigan Modular Homes

New York Modular Homes

Tennessee Modular Homes

Alaska Modular Homes

Illinois Modular Homes

Minnesota Modular Homes

North Carolina Modular Homes

Texas Modular Homes

Arizona Modular Homes

Indiana Modular Homes

Mississippi Modular Homes

North Dakota Modular Homes

Utah Modular Homes

Arkansas Modular Homes

Iowa Modular Homes

Missouri Modular Homes

Ohio Modular Homes

Vermont Modular Homes

California Modular Homes

Kansas Modular Homes

Montana Modular Homes

Oklahoma Modular Homes

Virginia Modular Homes

Colorado Modular Homes

Kentucky Modular Homes

Nebraska Modular Homes

Oregon Modular Homes

Washington Modular Homes

Connecticut Modular Homes

Louisiana Modular Homes

Nevada Modular Homes

Pennsylvania Modular Homes

West Virginia Modular Homes

Delaware Modular Homes

Maine Modular Homes

New Hampshire Modular Homes

Rhode Island Modular Homes

Wisconsin Modular Homes

Florida Modular Homes

Maryland Modular Homes

New Jersey Modular Homes

South Carolina Modular Homes

Idaho Modular Homes

Georgia Modular Homes

Massachusetts Modular Homes

New Mexico Modular Homes

South Dakota Modular Homes

Wyoming Modular homes

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